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Thread: 2012 Charlotte Worlds Road Trip...

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    Default 2012 Charlotte Worlds Road Trip...

    All, Apparently I somehow managed to qualify for an invite to the 2012 Worlds in Charlotte in mid-July. I plan on going; however I was thinking it would be nice if perhaps four of us went; and then we could split travel/lodging costs. I'm willing to make the arrangements; but just need firm committments on who wants to go and compete! (Then again, if you just want to go and watch or volunteer that would be cool as well!).

    Road trip opportunities do not come up often; and Charlotte is a scant 8 hour scenic drive through the heart of the bluegrass and the Great Smoky Mountains! My only issue is that if I drive, there can only be (comfortably that is) one other passenger in my small pickup. If someone else drove I'd think it fair that however many others riding pay for the gas.

    Please contact me via text at 502 835 3974 or email at if you want to join the trip.

    P.S. If there's enough folk we can establish a caravan! Roger Slaten

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    I didn't realize until this morning that I got an invitation, too, but I can't go.
    "That's what she said."----Michael Scott

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