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Thread: While looking up "EDGE" program.....

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    Default While looking up "EDGE" program.....

    Found this, thought I would share. # 2 gets me every time.

    About The EDGE....
    As their name implies, The Effingham Disc Golf Evangelists (The EDGE) are local players who promote the sport and culture of disc golf wherever they go. Here are some little known facts about The EDGE...

    1) Members of The EDGE are stewards and caretakers of the Effingham Disc Golf Course. Their self-appointed mission is to improve the playability of the course while ensuring that the natural beauty of the course is maintained.

    2) The EDGE has no official club charter. Drafting a club charter would require work and thought. Members of the EDGE believe work and thought go against the basic tenants of disc golf.

    3) The Coin of the Realm among The EDGE is Beer. The Realm is anywhere The EDGE is playing.

    4) The membership fee required to enlist in The EDGE is a case of beer.

    5) While all members of The EDGE enjoy competition, the enjoyment of the game is in the fraternity of its players. At the end of the game, the king and pawn are placed in the same box. Likewise, when the discs are put back in the trunk at the end of the day, The EDGE enjoy reviewing the highlights, laughing at the inevitable, bragging on the improbable and looking forward to the next outing.

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    Sounds like a fun group of guys. I indirectly know a couple via the Terre Haute crowd.

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    Had no idea the U2 guitarist was a disc golfer
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