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In no particular order

be able to throw 500' on a golf line Not quite there yet. Been trying a lot of different things and feel like I am getting close to passing my current plateau
better my putting to >75% inside the circle Again not quite there yet. My putting has definately gotten better and there have been days where I was better than my goal but still inconsistent
increase my rating to >970 Currently 958 (started the year at 924)
win BG ams and am worlds : ) (realistically top ten) 26th of 176 in BG and 25th of 288 at Worlds
place top 3 in an open tournament after am worlds Finished 4th in Bburg to win my first cash

Gotta set your goals high
Did not play my best in BG and Worlds but not disappointed where I finished. Still on track for my other goals.