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Thread: Possible work at Seviren Lang

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    Default Possible work at Seviren Lang

    What are the chances that we could get the Parks Department to turn the myriad of dead/downed trees at the course into mulch that could be used on the course?

    I know there are a few spots that could really use it. The walk from #7 to #8 is the muddiest spot, but there are other spots that could be improved with the mulch, too (around the #3 teepad, between #11 and #12, around the #18 teepad, etc.)

    Also, is there anything planned to alleviate the water that stands around the #5 teepad?

    Just a couple of things to think about before the tournament.
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    I ran into some of the maintenance guys at the course Monday who told us things are slow for them right now and to get them a list of things that need to be done. Mulch and getting the dead stuff further off the fairways is on that list, as well as benches which is at the top of the list.
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    ^ ^ ^ MIKE_D approved lol
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