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    Post Minutes From 1/20/12 Meeting


    No roll call was taken at this meeting but we had around 25 people show up.

    Upcoming Events and Fundraising

    The 2012 Tim Selinske U.S. Masters will be held on Friday Aug 31st-Sunday Sept 2nd and is Kentucky's first major. We will be using CV and SL for sure and depending on registrations we might add IQ and Fun Farm. Innova is the title sponsor of this event and it's possible they could donate 9-18 baskets and new tee material for a permanent course. So far we have raised $10,000 with a goal of $27,000. There will be a Masters website going live soon with all of the info. We have to send photos and info in to the PDGA Magazine by Feb 1st. If you have any action shots (prefer spring/summer) from the courses please let us know ASAP. If you have any suggestions on activities, places of interest, caterers...etc please share because we are looking for more ideas to make this a great event. We have alot of players who don't quallify to play so we need volunteers. We need four TD's per course, spotters, people to fill water/ice, and alot of course love.

    The 2012 CVO will be two seperate weekends. The Pro only A-Tier will be held on May 12th-13th with an Am only B-Tier on May 19th-20th. Derby City Disc will be the title sponsor for this years event. Last year we did great raising money for this event over a period of time. This year we will need alot of hard work from everyone because there is a shorter turn around.

    We will be running a sanctioned league night and are leaning towards Sundays at 6pm.

    We also talked about running more Ice Bowls or other charity events. We used to do this alot in the past but have gotten away from it in the last few years. If you have any ideas or would be interested in running something please let us know.

    Judge and Adam came up with some sponsorship packages that we will be offering to potential sponsors. The two options are $100 hole sponsorship for one event or $175 for both events. We will also be doing page sponsors again. If you know a good candidate or more please let us know and we can get you some copies to pass out.

    Course Maintenance

    We are seeing a ton of foot traffic on all of the courses around town and it's really showing. There needs to be alot of work done in preparation for these events. Dave will be walking the courses soon and making a list of things that we as a club need to do. We will need as many volunteers as possibile when work days are posted. This is something we need to keep up after the events.

    Club Structure

    Last year we changed up the structure of the club to try and get more people involved. We feel that it worked out pretty well and thank all of those who have helped out in any way.

    We have talked about non-profit status at past meetings and decided that it wasn't for us at the time due to money and not enough research. We now have more info on this thanks to Phil. He works for a really nice lady who has volenteered to waive fees for us. Instead of paying $1000-$2000 to do this it will now cost us $150-$200.


    We ended the meeting with a drawing for an Innova sparkle Xmas disc and Roger Slaten was the winner.
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