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Thread: Coyote vs. Lycan

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    Default Coyote vs. Lycan

    Is it just me or did Innova just release a duplicate disc? although the coyote is not my favorite midrange i do own a 173 for my longer midrange shots. (im a roc/shark kinda guy) The lycan has the same numbers (4 5 0 1) and flight chart and also it appears to have the same exact profile has anyone bought one or thrown both? also the mako looks exactly the same as well but with 0 fade instead of 1.

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    It seems like Innova will change the name of a disc, possibly do some minor retooling and re-release the disc. The Goblin and Dart for example are darn near identical. I don't know if that's what Innova did with the Lycan or not. I still need to get out and see how mine flies.
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