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    Martin and I have spent a lot of time together with him trying to help me with my game and have many discussions on discs being flippy/stable/mean. Last night we played a round @ IQ and discovered why we didnt always agree. This is the tip when you are helping another player with their throw/form find out how they throw. An example would be Martin and I have a lot of similarities and think the same on shots but, Martin is a hyzer thrower and gets more air and comes in to the right of the basket. I am a straight thrower i only throw with hyzer when i feel it is needed there fore i run straight at my target and only throw about 8 feet off the ground. So although we throw together we have different styles and sometime we confuse each other with what we decide is flippy/stable/mean. So remember this when you are coaching a new player.

    Hyzer Thrower - throws on a Hyzer angle
    Straight Thrower - throws flat with no angle
    Anhyzer Thrower - throws on an anhyzer angle (a lot of new players do this to compensate for discs being too much for them to handle)
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