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Thread: playing as all par 3s

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    Default playing as all par 3s

    This is somewhat in response to the par 5 thread. I guess for ease of scoring my discin buddies and I always play CV and Iroquois as all par 3s for example i usually socre and average of +4 or +5 at CV granted i am scoring them as all 3s. Regardless, the number of strokes you take in 18 holes doesn't change just curious if anyone else does this.
    And we only do this at our home courses, I wouldnt dare playing idlewild as all 3s.

    Let me know your opinions on this topic guys.

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    I have a scorecard booklet where I write down all my rounds so I don't need to do that, but I know many people do since counting everything as par 3 makes it much easier to keep track of. And most of the courses you'll play are par 54 or 55 anyway like Iroquois, Otter, Muldraugh, Radcliff and Buffalo. You can count up your score that way at courses like Charlie Vettiner, Seviren Lang and Idlewild, but par is definitely not 54 at any of these.
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    I just use my trusty laminated scorecard from the Charlie Vettiner Open so I can write them down and don't have to remember the score. Besides, if I have to keep how many "over par" I am in my head the entire round I'll just get pissed at myself and start playing even worse than I usually do.
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