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Thread: Hypothetically...New Course or Added Nine

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kao View Post
    I guess you didn't understand my answer so I will be more specific now. I think the orig 18 should be seperate because it has alot of history. I would love to see another 18 hole course onsite but would settle for 9 as long as its a good layout if money is a concern.
    To the best of my knowledge, there has only been one change to that course since it was installed in 1978 and that's the new hole 8. So I completely agree about leaving the original course alone.

    I'm sure the 9 holes Jeremy's designed between 14 and 15 are amazing, but if only 9 can be added I'd rather see them at the end of the original course.
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    Another idea would be to add the temp holes and number them 1-9 and the current 1-9 would become the back nine of an 18 hole course. You start on current hole 10 and have an added nine holes between 14 and 15 and finish at current 18 and you would have another 18 hole course.
    This scenario would allow excellent starting and ending points from one central location. The only drawback would be there is only one real good point to start and end the second 18 hole course.
    The 18 holes that are there now would be left alone. You would have the option of playing 18 on either course, an easy 27 if you wanted to do that or play all 36.
    This could be done with less impact to other areas of OCP.
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