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Thread: KC Pro Whippet Review

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    Default KC Pro Whippet Review

    As the title suggests, I am starting this thread about the KC Pro Whippet, which I recently purchased in good shape from Derby City Discs. First off, I have to say, this disc is one of the best drivers I have ever thrown. It releases cleanly, flies smoothly, and goes a looong way on a backhand. There is no fear of turning it over, either. Just release it on a nice hyzer line. I really can't compare it to anything I have thrown before, since it has very unique capablilties, and the small diameter is also appealing to me.

    For anyone who has not thrown on, please try it out!

    Also, if you do carry one, leave your comments below!

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    What generation of KC Pro? 8X? I didn't care for the 8X, but I love my CE Whippet-X. Super reliable meat hook.

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