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    Question Innova + Models

    I know that in the past there was the Innova TeeBird +. The Roc + has been out for a while now, and now the Tl + is out. I was wondering what the big deal is about the "+." What is the difference between normal models and + models? Is the Champion Tl + worth getting, or is the Star Tl just as good?

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    The + has to do with the inner rim of the disc. The portion where the pads of your fingers is flat on a standard mold but on the + mold this part of the disc is slanted outward to allow for an easier release. I can't recommend one versus the other since I haven't tried any of the + molds.
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    i have found that the plus molds tend to give me a worse grip, I tend to have an early release or the disc tends to slip out of my hand...just not too fond of them, but love the reg. tbirds, tl's etc...
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    Innova says the plus mold discs add distance/change stability of the original molds

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