I had the pleasure of speaking with Martha Berner and Councilman (District 20) Stuart Benson on Monday, October 24th at Farmer Elementary about the planned proposal to spend $6 million improving Charlie Vettiner park. I urge everybody to email Martha and tell her (make your voice heard!) that you are in favor of passing the Final Draft plan. Several people who's property backs up to that big field (kids run track there, we use it during the CVO) were there to "block" the proposal and "do nothing at all" to a park that is, let's face it, in shambles. I'm all for it and you should be too! They are not going to mess with our course AT ALL other than hooking up us with some premo facilities and yes, parking. There is very little downside for disc golfers. If you took the time (warning: large PDF file) to click the link above you can see that it is going to be awesome! Please speak-up, drown out the few that oppose, so we can get funding underway! Email Martha today!

Here is what I wrote:

I am all for the "Draft Final" plan! I know several people at the meeting were not in favor of the proposal and I did not want my attendance to be mistaken as being one of those people. As a matter of fact, there were several of us there from the Wooded Lake subdivision (just across Easum Road) that were in favor of the "Draft Final" plan because it will undoubtly increase our property values and we want a "state of the art" park near our house. I did not sign Gail's petition (she went door to door on my street) to block the proposal. I can appreciate the argument of those who's property back up to the mostly unused (except for the track team) fields but we need to think about EVERYONE who will benefit from a $6 million dollar enhancement of our neighborhood park. I coach 1st & 2nd grade soccer for St. Michael School and I often take my team to the park (set up a few cones on a flat area) for practice. We need more flat areas! I was glad to hear you say these improvements will NOT increase the crime rate. It's exactly the opposite! Build more facilities and the crime rate goes down, not up! I would not be opposed to closing the park (add gates) at night. I think that is a nice comprimise that we ALL could live with. Put in enough speed bumps/humps and people WILL slow down. My young children often ride bikes (one on training wheels) on the little .25 mile "exercise" loop. We need more multi-use (walking, skateboard, scooter, unicycle) paved paths! Please do not let those people hold up the progress you have made. Pass the "Draft Final" plan and let me know what I can do (bake sale, donate, volunteer, ride my 36" unicycle holding a sign that says "fix my park", etc...) to help. Thank you, David