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    I recently purchased an Innova Champion Sidewinder, for I was in need of an understable driver. Little did I know that this disc can fly as far as it can! I normally take huge anhyzer lines with this for about 400'! The Sidewinder can take a straight line a long way when thrown with a little hyzer. It is amazing how this disc can take a huge anhyzer without ever turning over more than you throw it. I generally throw it a little higher than my other discs to give it room for landing, but I can easily see how and where it will perform on the disc golf course. A particular situation in mind would be hole 4 at Garry E. Cavan park. I could easily take a long anhyzer from the long tee to open myself up to an easy midrange shot with my hornet. I really look forward to my first run with the Champion Sidewinder on the course.

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    Love the sidewinder. Have 3 or 4 in my bag at all times / different stages of wear and a backup. I'll be using them many times this saturday fo sho.
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    If you like a sidewinder try a lat 64 vision or river i used to love the sidewinder and still throw it once in a while but i am a believer now

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