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    Default LDGC disc liquidation sale!

    The club has some discs we're looking to sell. We're going to offer them exclusively on here to our club members at Innova minimum prices. At the end of the week they'll be listed on DGCourseReview, but we wanted to give our members first dibs.

    Here's a list of the discs the club has for sale:

    Ken Climo CVO Stamp

    175g CFR Glow Wraith - $16
    175g CFR Glow Sidewinder - $16 SOLD

    166g Red Star Archon - $14
    175g Yellow Star Archon - $14

    168g Blue Star Vulcan - $14
    170g Pink Star Vulcan - $14
    175g Blue Star Vulcan - $14
    175g White Star Vulcan - $14

    172g White Star Teebird - $14
    172g White Star Teebird - $14

    171g Blue Eco Star Destroyer - $14 SOLD
    171g Blue Eco Star Destroyer - $14 SOLD
    171g Blue Eco Star Destroyer - $14 SOLD

    174g Blue Eco Star Leopard - $14
    175g Blue Eco Star Leopard - $14
    175g Blue Eco Star Leopard - $14

    174g Orange DX Stingray - $7 SOLD

    CVO Fleur-de-lei Stamp

    170g White SS Warlock - $9
    172g Pink/Flesh Colored SSS Warlock Sold

    Global Tournament Stamp

    171g Maroon Champion Ape - $13
    175g Neon Green Champion Ape - $13 SOLD

    175g Orange DX Valkyrie - $7 SOLD
    175g Yellow DX Sidewinder - $7

    Stock Stamp

    168g Yellow DGA Squall - $9
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