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Thread: Looking for a Disc? One Time Disc Golf

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    Default Looking for a Disc? One Time Disc Golf

    OneTime Discs

    -available for local pick-up or by mail

    We accept many forms of payment.


    We can also barter for goods or services..

    D, DX $7.50

    Roc bottom stamp 170 white w/ gold foil
    Roc 09 Innova factory pumpkin stamp180
    Roc 09 Innova factory pumpkin stamp 177
    Ontario Roc 177 blue Lexington Open X stampIllusion 174 orange w/ blue foil stamp
    #2 Driver 173. Floats in water yellow marble w/purple foil stamp
    TeeBird 175 orange w/ green foil stamp
    TeeBird 171 Yellow w/ green foil stamp
    TeeBird 171 white w/ green foil stamp
    SS wizard 174 white w/ red tourney stamp
    SS wizard 174 white w/ red tourney stamp
    Magnet 175 purple w/ rainbow foil stamp
    Magnet 173 yellow w/ green foil stamp
    Destroyer 172 orange w/green foil
    Force 173 orange w/rainbow foil

    Pro $10.00

    Orc 171 tye dye white, orange, red and yellow w/ gold foil stamp
    Orc 170 tye dye pinkish-red, yellow and orange w/gold foil stamp
    Wraith tye dye 167 blue,yellow and magenta swirl
    Wraith tye dye 167 white,red,yellow and purple w/ black stamp
    Wraith Tye dye 167 red, magenta, lime, green, blue w/gold foil stamp
    Boss 171 lime green w/black stamp
    Boss 171 red w/gold foil stamp
    Boss 175 yellow w/silver foil stamp
    Boss 175 orange w/green foil stamp
    Valkyrie tyedye 170 yellow and red w/gold foil stamp
    Valkyrie tyedye 171 red and yellow w/gold stamp
    Illusion 175 blue w/black stamp
    Katana 171 orange-red w/blue foil stamp
    Destroyer 167 orange w/black stamp
    Destroyer 171 white w/red foil stamp
    R- Roc 180 orange w/gold foil
    R-Roc 165 yello w/bronze foil
    R-Roc 176 yellow w/gol foil stamp
    R-Roc 172 white w/blue foil stamp
    P-PD Freak 172 orange w/silver foil stamp
    Warrior 178 white w/black stamp
    Starfire 175 Rainbow TyeDye w/silver foil stamp

    Champion/Z $13.00

    Nuke 173.5 green w/purple foil stamp
    Firebird 170 pink w/blue 12 time foil stamp
    TeeBird tye dye 171 lime green and green w/black stamp
    Wraith 168 pink w/black stamp
    Wraith 167 orange w/purple foil stamp
    Wraith 175 lime green w/black stamp
    Eagle 170 12 time stamp red w/blue foil samp
    Wildcat 171 green w/silver foil stamp

    Star/ESP $15.00

    FL x out 165 lime green
    Destroyer 171 blue w/black stamp
    Destroyer 171 red w/silver foil bottom stamp
    Destroyer x-out 171 pink
    Echo TeeBird 170 orange w/silver foil
    Echo TeeBird 175 green w/gold foil stamp
    Xcaliber 171 white w/purple foil stamp
    Echo Boss 175 purple w/gray stamp
    Boss 09 Innova factory Pumpkin 175 orange w/black stamp
    Boss x-out 167 red
    Boss x-out 168 blue
    Boss 171 blue w/silver foil stamp
    Buzzz TyeDye 168 yello and red w/gold foil stamp
    FLX Buzzz 176 white w/purple foil stamp
    XL 174 orange w/green foil stamp
    Katana 167 orange w/gold foil stamp
    Katana 172 blue w/black stamp
    Katana 172 pink w/purple foil stamp
    Katana 164 white w/purple foil stamp
    Echo Wraith 175 12 time stamp green w/gold foil
    Echo Wraith 175 green w/purple foil stamp
    Mako 167 white w/silver foil stamp

    Collectibles Offers will be thought about

    C.E. Eagle first run 162 used red w/black stamp $100
    C.E. Firebird 168 used yellow w/blue foil stamp $100
    Star Mako first run orange w/silver foil and BG rainbow bottom stamp $20
    Glow Champion Cobra 177 w/ silver foil $25
    Glow Champion Cobra 170 w/ purple foil $25
    Star Destroyer first run 172 orange w/blue foil stamp $100
    Star Destroyer first run 172 lime w/silver foil stamp $100
    Star Vulcan first run 175 red w/black stamp $20
    DGA Aftershock first flight 177+ orange w/white stamp $20
    04 Ace Race (glide)orange 175 $35
    ESPAce Race 09 174 yellow $15
    01 Worlds Omega Black 172 used $15
    ESP Surge first run TyeDye 171 used $30
    11 time KC Roc 177 used $15
    8 time KC Roc used $500.00
    X-Clone first run 172 purple $25
    OOP TyeDye Champ Cobra 175 used $20
    OOP Champ Stingray yellow 178 used $20
    "old school" Aviar. Orange used $25
    Star stamp Aero 172 used $25
    Star stamp Aero used $10
    1.10 JLS rainbow swirl Tyedye 175 used $13

    Used Discs

    Star Wraith 171 pink. 9/10 $10
    Champion Beast 175 clear 9/10 $10
    DGA Gumbputt 172 orange 9/10 $10
    Champ Ice Bowl Boss 170 magenta $10
    DX Roc 180 yellow otter creek 07 $5
    ESP Zone 171 lime 9/10 $8
    Star Mako 180 blue. 9/10 $10

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    How flat top is the 12x Champ Eagle you have? Pics, possibly? I assume it's an eagle-x?

    My putter still doinks harder than yours!

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    The eagle is original mold, but it isn't domey by no means.

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    Will you take 11 for the z nuke?

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    Quote Originally Posted by G1nked View Post
    Will you take 11 for the z nuke?
    PM sent.

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