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    Default 2011 / 12 Winter League Schedule

    WELCOME to the 2011 / 12 all new SNOW GLOBE LEAGUES

    Winter leagues are going to start up DEC 11th 2011. Leagues will be every Sunday Tee off 2pm at various courses. We will be rotating courses A LOT so make sure you check in often to see where we will be playing.
    If you have any questions contact the L.D. Mike D 502-749-2593

    Pro / Am Doubles League luck of the draw

    Cost $6.oo ($5 goes to payouts and $1 goes to the club)
    Ace pool + $1.oo


    16. March 25th C.V. > > > Season finale

    On any given Sunday if less then 10 show up the round will be played as a SINGLES round

    * more then 1 league / club will be playing on that date & will be one of the larger pay outs

    This will be implemented any time club leagues over lap

    The total $1.oo club money will be split 50/50
    The Ace pool will be MATCHED
    ( whichever club at the time has the lowest Ace Pool, That is what is to be matched )
    SO if LDGC has $90 & ADGC has $75 then we match the $75 making that days Ace Pool $150.oo
    ( ace pool caps out at $200.oo )
    The ace pool money collected day off will be split 50/50
    IF NO ACE then the matched money goes back to that days leagues

    THANKS Mike D LD / TD
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