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    I'm pretty new to this sport, less than 1 year. I've played golf my whole life until I had kidney failure in 2007. I recently had a kidney transplant in 2010. That's why I decided to start playing. I've since fell in love with it. It seems that everyone is always talking about growing the sport. This is just a random observation that i've noticed around here. This is not meant to be judgmental in any way. Just my .02

    The game/sport of disc golf has so much potential. Each player has an important role if we want or expect a positive transformation in the game. Our thoughts, actions and the manner in which we play, treat people and conduct ourselves is contributing to shaping the sport. If we chose to encourage and empower others versus belittling or trying to gain power over shallow ego battles... we can grow the pie. Even if people don't care to grow the pie... it's important to have self respect...

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    Well said Ernie!
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