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    New players are the future. The truth is...this might hurt but disc golf is just a game. Retention and all is great but disc golf is all about the moment. It is player run and players come and go.

    I have seen the same in Ultimate Frisbee here in Louisville. I have been playing ultimate since 1998 in the area. I am like a grandfather now. Maybe a great-great grandfather. There are very few guys and girls who have been in the ultimate scene over the past decade plus.
    The number of new players though are what keep the sport alive and fresh.

    Disc golf seems to be the same way. I dont think it is all that important that effort is applied to retain players. The players that can and want to stick around will. It is far more important that we continue to reach out and introduce the sport to new players.

    I recognize Damon and Derby City Discs as a huge step in the future of the game in the region. Damon can tell you there are countless new players who are wandering through his store to procure plastic. James McCormick running wed night leagues has had 100+ different golfers play leagues. Adam and I have taught a few different groups of kids about disc golf and afterschool rec centers in Indiana.

    If we truly want to grow this game we must continue to show all just how much fun and easy it is to make a frisbee take flight!
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