Adam, I know it's not on your list but I always offer to bring a basket if you need an extra for one of the temp holes. Pardon me pasting post from The Louisville Classic below but I'm doing this from my phone. Also, I don't have a MiFi for mobile broadband but I do live right next to the course and can give you my Network key if you wand to upload scores from my driveway. Also, if you need anything (ice, water, condiments, etc..) from the house you can text my cell and I will see what I can do. Thank you! I am looking forward to another fun filled CVO!

You are more than welcome to use my basket. It's an old DGA M-14 like the one on Amazon (link below). I never got around to installing aftermarket inner chains so even my 5 year son (the side arm bandit) can throw a disc in one side and out the other. If you get real desperate I have a canvas skillshot travel basket as well.