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    Default CVO help needed

    It takes a lot of time, effort and manpower to successfully run a tournament the size of the CVO. The club and its members seem more active and involved than I've ever seen so I'm sure we wont have a problem getting volunteers to help out.

    The great thing about the CVO this year is the two pools of players. Not only does that allow for lots of spectating, but it also means people playing in the tournament can easily help out also. So we'll need multiple volunteers for each task to make sure it's being taken care of for each round.
    1. Bring food Sunday only - Sammy S. (hotdogs and buns)
    2. Bring gas powered grill Sunday only
    3. Cook food Sunday only - Daniel A. & Justin M.

    Water Coolers
    4. Bring water cooler (We need at least 3-4) - Jim A. (1 water cooler), Martin (2 water coolers), Kenny M. (1 water cooler)
    5. Fill with ice and water for the Sunday rounds - Ross H.

    Spotters are needed for the following holes each round
    6a. Hole 13 pro round - Tommy B.
    6b. Hole 13 am round - Jeremy C.
    7a. Hole 8 pro round - Phil R.
    7b. Hole 8 am round

    8. Construct two leader boards, click here for example. Dry erase preferred, doesn't have to be fancy just has to get the job done.
    9. We need two people to follow the top 2 cards and update their scores on the leader board after each hole, see above. - Mark W.

    Miscellaneous items
    10. Mobile internet. I have a laptop and need a mobile internet device so we can upload scores at the course.
    11. Bring and set up cones next to 18's basket to prevent cars from parking next to it. - Adam E.
    12. Video coverage of leader card (need at least 2 people). - Marcus G.
    13. Extra scoreports - Job W.
    Thanks for helping to make this CVO the best ever!
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