All Stars Disc Golf Club
Presents the 2011 Fundraiser Event
Louisville Championship Series

Open Men 25$
Open Women 25$
Open Masters/Grandmasters 25$
Advanced 20$
Advanced Masters/Grandmasters 20$
Intermediate 15$
Recreational 15$

Signups can be done the day of the event, at Derby City Discs©, or via paypal at If paying online please include name and division info. You may not change divisions once you have started. *The Bagger Clause – The Tournament Director will use his/her discretion to prevent sandbagging. 50% payout for all divisions. Cash prizes for all open divisions. 50% payout in all open divisions will follow each event in addition to money added to the series payout to be dispersed at the last event based on point standings. , all other divisions will receive credit towards discs to be dispersed at the last event. First, Second and Third place in each amateur division at each event will receive a trophy disc specific to the course played that day. The price listed is the cost per event, i.e. 4 recreational events would cost 15$ x (number of events players).

Aug 14 Jim Ashton’s home course
Sept 25 Charlie Vettiner
Oct 8 Otter Creek
Nov 19 Iroquois

Tee time for each tournament will be 10:00 AM with a 9:30 AM players meeting at hole 1 for each course. Each tournament will consist of two rounds with a 1 hour break from the time the last card is turned in. Optional 2$ ace fund for each tournament. If no ace is hit a ctp throw off is held for half of the ace fund and the other half carries over to the next tournament.

Point System
An individual’s best 3 of 4 finishes will count towards their total score dropping your worst finish. Points will be awarded based on the number of people in your division. For example, if 10 people are present in one division first place will receive 10 points plus a 1 point bonus for 1st place. Second place will receive 9 points, 3rd place will receive 8 points, etc. At the end of the Series if an individual has participated in all 4 events he/she will receive 4 bonus points. Failure to play in an event will result in a 0 for that event.