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    Default TD Change

    Incase you haven't heard, I handed the CVO over to Adam Higdon. By my own choosing I will no longer be TDing this event. Contact Adam if you have any questions about the tournament.
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    Thanks for working with me, help me along and spending lots of time on the phone with me Jeremy. There's no way I would be in a position to take over an event of this caliber without all the help you've generously given me. I know you've worked hard over the years building this tournament and with the help of others, this looks to be the biggest ever CVO.

    I also want to thank Judge. He's worked his bum off while I was away to get sponsors and he's done an incredible job! All but one of the holes are sponsored, plus we've got a couple larger contributors like Derby City and Cloud 9.

    I can confidently say we will meet our goal of $4000 cash added this year!

    I'm working on the tournament poster now so we can start advertising the CVO across the region and get registration going. We're also working on a nice big players pack this year. We'd love to hear your thoughts, click here if you have some players pack ideas. We're also going to need some help the weekend of the tournament with various things and we'll post about that soon as well. There's lots going on with the CVO and if you want to be part of it please let us know!

    On a side note, I should mention I changed my name to Adam Embrey, but obviously I'll answer to either. It's my mother's maiden name and there aren't any more Embrey's around here so I changed it just before the wedding.
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    Whaaat now no one is safe . LOL

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