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Thread: Cabin Creek Open 9/5/2011 (Labor Day Tourney)

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    Default Cabin Creek Open 9/5/2011 (Labor Day Tourney)

    Cabin Creek Open

    A PDGA C-TierEvent

    Monday September5th (Labor Day)

    Cabin Creek DiscGolf Course

    Division Cost
    Pro open - $45
    Pro Women - $35
    Pro Masters- $35
    Advanced - $35
    Advanced Women - $25
    Advanced Masters- $30
    Intermediate -$30
    Intermediate Women - $25
    Recreational - $25
    Non-pdga member fee - $10

    Entry Includes:1 Disc, $1 ace fund, $2 course Fund, $2 PDGA Fee

    Registrationsbefore 9-2 will also receive a tournament stamped disc of their choice. Theearlier you sign up the more likely you are to get your first choice.Registrations after 9-2 will not get a disc.

    Tournament Details

    Field will belimited to 90 players

    Divisions willbe paid out to approximately 50% of the Field

    Amateurs will bepaid out in Funny Money

    All PDGA rulesmust be followed

    The 2 meter rulewill not be in use

    Water will becasual on the course

    Registration /Check-In - 8:00-8:45
    Players Meeting - 9:05
    1st Round Tee - 9:30
    Lunch Time - 1:30-2:30
    2nd Round Tee - 2:45
    Awards - 6:30

    All times are approximate and subject to change

    Course Details: more details to come

    It is a privatecourse, you must call and get permission to play

    Phone # - Midge Erkenbrecher 513-726-1048


    Take I-75 South to ST RT 129 (ButlerCo Regional Hwy.) West to Hamilton. Cross Rt. 4 and continue straight onto HighSt. and cross the Great Miami River. You will then be on Main St. Go throughtown and at the last light make a right onto Eaton Ave. (there will be ahospital sign pointing right) Eaton Ave. turns into Eaton Rd once you get outof town. Follow Eaton for approximately 6.3 miles. We will be located on theleft-hand side of the road. There is a small sign that says Cabin Creek on it,but it sits back off the road. Look for the address 4117 and a big orangemailbox. Turn left and follow the driveway 1/3 of a mile back to the field.

    Lunch - There is limited food in the area, Soplease order a sandwich or pack your lunch.

    You will ofcourse be able to leave, there is limited time for the lunch break so don't belate coming back.

    We are offering sandwich'sfrom a local market called Seven Mile Market. You can order food the morning of the tournament.

    Sponsorship - If you are willing to sponsor theevent somehow. I truly appreciate it. Feel free to call me.

    Registration Form :


    Division______________PDGA # _________

    Sponsorship $______ Lunch $______Total Cost$ _______

    Phone#____________ Email__________________________

    Contactinformation will only be used if I need to get a hold of you if there isproblem.

    Disc Choice

    Z-Buzz SS____ D Challenger ____

    Z-Nuke ___ Z-Force _____ Preferred Weight ______

    Place a 1-4 onwhich disc you prefer and if there is a specific weight you would like pleaseput it down.

    "I hereby hold blameless andfully release the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA), Greater CincinnatiFlying Disc Association, the tournament directors, The Erkenbrechers, and alltournament partners/sponsors and individuals or parties associated with theCabin Creek Open Tournament, from all liability of personal damage or injurywhich I may incur before, during or after my participation in this event. Iaccept full and sole responsibility for any damage I may cause throughnegligence and/or malice, including damages or injuries caused by my own throwsin practice or competition.

    SendRegistration and Check to


    955hampton ct

    lebanon,ohio 45036


    Website for online registration should be up soon.
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    How far is this from Louisville and what is funny money?

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    trying to get a round in somewhere


    funny money is a voucher so you can pick out the discs you want
    Eric Gallusser

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    So what HB does? You have any clue how far away it is?

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    Quote Originally Posted by xTOMMYxIRISHx View Post
    So what HB does? You have any clue how far away it is?
    It is about an hour north of Cincinnati.

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    website should hopefully be up later today or tomorrow.

    I will be unavailable by phone till 8/15/2011 - You can leave me a voicemail or email if you have any questions. I will be able to call you back, but an email will definitly be easier.

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    Here is the website for registration

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    There was a bug with the website. Everything is fixed now though.

    Remember if you sign up earlier you are more likely to get the disc of your choice. If you wait until the weekend leading up to it you won't get the free disc of your choice. Payouts are always decent for ams and pros alike. How often do you get to play Cabin Creek? Registration should be updated in a few days too.

    It makes my life easier! Sign up now

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    Remeber the earlier you sign up the more likely you are to get the disc of your choice!
    There is a deadline(9-2) for getting the free disc in your players pack - So pre-register and get a disc.
    Sign up now and make my life easier at

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    Today is the last day to sign up and get a free tournament stamped disc. it might fill also, so sign up now. Nukes and Buzz -SS are really close to being all gone.

    Sign up now and make my life easier at

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