Well its my opinion that if all they have to by to gauge course conditions is the players scores, then I believe the system is lacking. Because In my observation of the course and its conditions on Saturday and Sunday, I saw no difference. I on the other hand did see a difference in the players determination to do better then before.
I also believe, And I could be wrong, But its my belief that a course does not play easier from one day to the next if the conditions are the same. I may play better from one day to the next but its not because the course is saying "ok im sorry to make it so hard for you yesterday, I'll give you a break today".
I think if they want to take course conditions into account (wind, rain ect..) then I would think a TD would be required to report the course conditions when he/she turns in the scores. This would take the guess work out of factoring the ratings.
I just can't believe they would look at the scores and go "Oh 80% of the field shot a better round, we have to assume the course got much easier that day". No this is a poor plan.
Does anyone else agree or am I just delusional?