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Thread: Hanging basket on hole #1!

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    This makes the turbo putt extremely useful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zelevin View Post
    This makes the turbo putt extremely useful.
    75% of the time I do exactly that

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    I don't know how I missed this news/thread. VERY cool hole. I can't wait to play it. I have a REALLY simple solution for the ladder thing. A pulley. Install this on the beam above the basket. Tie a nylon rope to the top of the basket and run it through the pulley. Pull the rope to your desired height and tie a figure eight on a bight. Leave the loose end ("F" in the linked instructions) long enough to reach the ground. Screw a storage hook (like this) into one of the side beams with the open mouth of the hook facing the ground and hook the loop of your figure eight on the hook.

    This way you can remove the stairs and players would just lower the basket to get their disc. Once they had their disc thay would return the basket back to the proper height as established by the loop of the knot.

    This would be a fine solution and wouldn't cost but an addition $20 or so in material. ;^)
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    Unless you're very short you don't really need the ladder. I'm not quite 5'8" and I don't need the ladder. I just reach through the bottom of the basket, grab the disc and turn it vertical then gently toss it out and catch it.
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