Hello Everyone. My dos has found over 50 discs this year. I have contacted owners and returned some of the discs but MOST of them have no contact info on them. (Please label your discs!) So now I have 23 that I need to get rid of so I am selling/trading them.

Here are the discs I am willing to TRADE for
Discraft ESP/Elite Z Force
Innova Star Destroyer
Innova Champion Coyote

New Discs for Sell or Trade
166 Discraft ESP Stalker
164 Discraft ESP Stalker
169 Roc
159 Leopard
167 Sidewinder
174 Gateway SS Mag

USED Discs for Sell or Trade
169 Champion Firebird
170 Star Firebird
174 Champion Groove
175 Pro Starfire
173 Pro Destroyer
174 Champion Boss
176 Champion Boss176 Champion Monster (almost positive it's a monster)
170 Champion TeeBird
172 1st Run Pro? TeeBird
174 1st Run Kite
150 Pro D Discraft XL
176 Discraft Shadow
173 Discraft ESP Buzz
176 Gateway Assassin Evolution Pro-Line
174 Quest AT Raging Inferno SRP X-OL4

Some discs are heavily worn and some are in good shape. Remember, I found these. I am not a store I just need to get rid of them. Thanks!