July 31, 2011 - 1:00 P.M.
Doubles - 1 Round
USI Eagle Valley - Evansville, IN
$5 Entry
Double Points Chainbangers Event!!

Everybody break out your Condors and black mascara, we are having a good old fashioned roller derby! Random draw doubles where every shot except for the one that goes in must be a roller! Detailed rules listed below.

-Format is best shot doubles.
-Every shot must be a roller unless it is your putt. If your putt is missed, then you must count the stroke for missing the putt and shoot from the same lie. If the first player attempts a putt, then your team has committed to an air shot and both players must attempt an air shot. This will eliminate teams running at longer putts, missing, and then laying down the easy roller for their upshot.
-The first throw from tee-pad must always be a roller. A roller will be defined by a shot that is thrown, lands on its edge and more than 50% of its distance traveled will be spent on the ground.
-If the validity of a roller comes into question, then a vote will be used to decide. I am going to push for groups of 6 to create a voting situation. If there is a tie, then the vote will go in favor of the accused roller.

12:00-1:00 SIGN-UPS
1:00 Players' Meeting