I've been playing for about 6 months now and have actually gotten pretty good for the short time I've been playing and the few discs that I have. I did not think my first ace would come so soon but about a month ago I started getting close on a few holes and then finally it happened.

I was playing with a friend who it was his first time playing disc golf and we got to the 16th hole at Iroquois. We were actually waiting for a group in front to finish the hole and my friend noticed all the names on the post and asked why. I told him how those were aces and that I was tryin to get my name on a post one day. I had thrown it left on this hole atleast the last 10 times I had played and I wanted to make sure I didn't do that this time so I made sure to throw it right. It barely missed a branch on the right and came back nicely to the left and I yelled "GO IN" and it banged the chains. I was more in shock then I was excited.

Come to find out I actually hit the chains so hard that I now have about a 2 inch crack in my Innova Whippet