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    Default New disc golfer

    I just took my 11 year-old daughter to Buffalo Trace for her first round. Gave her the Buzzz (about 160g) I won at Evansville to use (after trying a Leopard on the first 5 or 6 holes) and she shot a 104. She got better, though, as she had a 55 after 9 and took a 49 on the back 10 including a 37-foot par putt on #17.
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    I dig it, way to go!!!! I'm working on getting Georgia used to throwing discs, she's only 4, but can hit the basket from 5-10 ft away!
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    Adam and I taught disc golf monday and tuesday morning at Seviren Lang to a preschool age kids 5 - 8 year old

    The school Mt. Tabor Wee Care brought 15 kids each day with 2 chaperones

    Each kid brought along a 115 gram Polecat and each of them was given a mini disc

    We split the kids up in groups of 4 and let them play some mini holes - loads of fun and it is so cool to watch the kids let the discs fly

    I even taught one little girl to throw a flick - which was a great improvement over her backhand

    the kids played for about 45 min and then Adam and I launched a bunch of discs out in the field and the kids cheered and then got to run around and try to find them all

    This was a great event and a lot of fun - If anyone out there has kids in daycare or summer school - or is connected with the schools - teaching disc golf to little kids is one of the best outreaches our club can do - let me, adam, this thread know - and the club would love to bring a little disc golf into the lives of the little ones.

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