Minutes From 5/14/11 Meeting


No roll call was taken at this meeting. I did a headcount as Adam was speaking and counted 28 people in attendance. Thanks to those who were able to make it out.


Jeremy started things off with the big surprise. He has asked the guys at Innova for years to run Dave a signature series of Condors. They have always said no but this time they agreed to atleast run some and custom stamp them for us. Adam based the design off of the old circle stamped KC disc. As seen in the other thread we will be selling these as our first fundraiser for the 2012 Masters. The price will be $15 for club members and $20 for non members. Some were autographed by Dave and are already posted on Ebay.

Course Update

Dave informed us that work at the Taylorsville course will blow wide open soon. Volunteers will be needed so keep your eyes open if you wish to help out.

Club Growth/Expansion

For those who might have missed it we now have a Facebook page that can be found here: http://www.facebook.com/louisvillediscgolfclub. If you use Facebook please like us and info/updates will be posted on there.

Our main line of communication will still be the website/forums but we are expanding our communication and online presence for the future.

With over sixty people currently in the club we have our largest member base than in recent years. We want to know what skills or hobbies you all have that could help the club out in some way. Some examples would be: Landscaping, Woodworking, Metal Fabricator, Graphic Artist, or Video/Photography.

We still need more TD's for events. Everyone has to retest due to the 2011 rule changes. The test cost $10 (not free for affiliate clubs anymore) and is still open book. Once you pass you are good for three years.

Open Position

Nate has to step down as Treasurer due to work and family. If you are interested in this position please let us know ASAP.


The CVO format will be two rounds of twenty-seven holes a day. We talked about having the pros play early then have the ams tee off afterwards. This will open the field up for more players, volunteers, and spectators.

Jeremy has alot on his plate and won't be able to put as much time into this years CVO. He needs all of our help and will be posting a prep list with things that will need to be done leading up to this event. I will be a non playing TD for the CVO but we could use others to help out and spot.

There is a chance that we will have the PDGA trailer at the event and are exploring media options.

We are expecting more big names this year and are still looking for fundraising ideas.

The FATPAD will be at Otter Creek now that it has reopened. It is the easiest event to run and would be the perfect learner event for new TD's or people interested in seeing whats involved.

Summer leagues are Tues at Seviren Lang, Wed at Iroquois, and Thurs at Vettiner. The format for Seviren rotates between best shot pro/am doubles and handicaped singles while IQ and CV are both best shot pro/am doubles.

Lately alot of pros have been showing up to leagues and not as many ams as the previous years. Ams play an important part in the growth of this sport and we would like to see more come out to leagues. Leagues are a great learning experience for newer players so if you have any ideas that will bring out more let us know.