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The going rate for max weight Condors is about $30 right now, so $15 is a steal! The Condor is only made in DX plastic.
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Only 200 some exist - so not like the 1000s of yeti or other discs

These are unique

$$ from sales goes towards the 2012 Masters
Don't get me wrong. That is a great price for limited or CFR discs. Just curious if it was going to signal the re-release of the Condor.

I will probably buy at least 2. I just have to make it to leagues soon!!!! These will sell fast I'm sure. And another benefit of being a member this year and for a showcase tournament for Louisville.

On a side note, I should be announcing something for Tom Sawyer in the next two weeks. It will either be a go or no go. The "new interim" park director said he would definitely let me know by then. Maybe another course for 2012 Masters in the works.