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    Default There's only 3 hours...

    ...between us and a round at Otter Creek. When you go out there remember to wear some bug spray. Take the time to pick up a few sticks and throw them to the edges of the fairways. We removed litteral TONS of debris from the course but there are STILL smalls sticks riddled about each fairway. There are still a few piles remaining on #1 and #7 that we will removed at a later date. Hole #1 has the worst pile. The tee signs are coming soon also. Adam is taking the time to design these for us.

    We had a great crew at Otter. If you see Brad, Butch, Troy, Larry, Mark, Eddie, Clint, Nick, Ed, Shawn, Randy, or any of the KY Fish & Wildlife sure to shake their hand and say "Thank You".
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