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    Default Fire sale! All must go!

    I'm selling all the stuff I have as I just can't play any more. So, here's a list of what I have. PM for questions about weights, colors, etc. I AM willing to wheel and deal, so don't let anything scare you off. I will entertain any offer!

    Eco Star Teebirds $10 each used, $12 new SEVERAL SPOKEN FOR
    11x Teebirds (the "Distance Driver" runs) ASK! 8/10 on both
    Eco Star Bosses $10 used SPOKEN FOR
    X Comet $7 used SPOKEN FOR
    Champ Monster $7 used 9/10
    FIRST RUN Z Buzzz ASK! 8/10
    Dyed Z Buzzz $7 used SPOKEN FOR
    CE (yes, true CE) TL ASK! SPOKEN FOR
    Dyed Champ and Dyed Star Leopard $8 each used STAR SPOKEN FOR
    Champ (CFR from CVO), Star and Dyed Pro Destroyers ASK! (new), $5, $7 used STAR SPOKEN FOR
    Discmania P-PDs $8 used, $12 new SPOKEN FOR
    KC Aviar $8 used 8/10
    Eco Star Roc $14 used 8/10
    NEW Champ Roadrunner, $10.

    ...and probably a few other things. Just let me know if anything looks interesting.
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