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Thread: Otter Creek Progress (3/19/11)

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    Default Otter Creek Progress (3/19/11)

    So the crew went out to Otter Creek Saturday and wrapped up the debris pick-up effort. From the day we started till Saturday we’ve hauled about fifteen loads of debris from the course. When I say fifteen loads I mean fifteen, 20 foot trailers, rounded off with debris. Don’t get me wrong, there is still small branches here and there that can be tossed from the fairways as we play or chopped up by the bush-hog. We just removed the big stuff and did a general sprucing up.

    We visually inspected every pin to see what was going to be involved in getting the baskets back in place. We also inspected the baskets to ensure that there was no damage done to them. Some of the baskets will need to be welded in a few spots but this is the way they were before they were removed. The park did a great job of carefully removing them when they came out. I was the only disc golfer there helping them remove the baskets from the course a few years ago so I can put all the rumors to rest that the baskets were handled poorly by the previous staff.

    We’ll have at least two more work days. On those days we’ll be installing the baskets and POSSIBLY pouring some replacement tees for some pads that are really busted up. They were broken before the course was closed but now seems like a good time to fix them. We may decide to leave the tees alone for now though as they are still functional. We’ll also be installing the tee signs, benches, and garbage cans.

    When I first went back to the course, it was heart breaking. Seeing all the baskets gone and the destruction that nature had done to the course was overwhelming at first. Saturday, when we walked from hole #1 to #18, it felt like home again. There’s still more work to do but Otter Creek looks really familiar once again.
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    Good stuff man, I can't wait to play this course again! Thanks for all the updates!
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