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    We have lots of club discs for sale and they all have Ken Climo's 2011 CVO stamp except the Wahoos. The Wraiths are all max weight and the Wahoo's all weight 169g. Everything else is available in a variety of weights. All proceeds go to the 2011 CVO. Thanks for supporting your local A-tier!

    CFR Glow Sidewinders - $16
    Glow KC Pro Aviars - $14
    CFR Glow Firebirds - $16
    CFR Glow Destroyers - $16
    CFR Glow Wraiths - $16
    CFR Glow Leopard - $16
    CFR Champion Mako - $16
    R-Pro Wahoo - $10

    A number of club members have the discs so say something when you see them on the course or feel free to contact them and see where they'll be out golfing next.

    • Derby City Discs has 2 of each CFR for sale right now.

    • Martin has the majority of the CFRs and will have them for sale at the Louisville Classic on March 19.

    • Brian Pait/Robbie Shewmaker have 2 of each CFR disc and is taking them to the BG Ams

    • Judge has 3 of each CFR disc.

    • Adam has 2 of each CFR disc that he's going to sell on DGCR.

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