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    Default 2011 Charle Vettiner Open Funding

    The 2011 Charlie Vettiner Open is Louisville’s second attempt at an A-tier. Last year we made a great showing as we hosted 104 players from all over the country and paid out $5615 cash to the pros and $4531 in prizes for the AMs. The event was a success BUT there are many areas where we could make the event MUCH bigger and much better.

    In 2011 our disc golf community needs to come together like it never has before. We need as many people as we can to get determined on making the CVO the best event to date.

    First and foremost, we need money, and we need a LOT of it. Last year we added $2600 cash to the purse. This is DOWN from 2009 when we were able to add $2950 to the purse. Down is an unacceptable direction for an event of this caliber. We need to set our goals high. Please join me in attempting to reach a goal of adding $4000 to the 2011 CVO. I know this sounds like a big number but here are some things to think about:

    Last year we lacked a title sponsor. We sell the title spot for $1500.

    Martin, SINGLEHANDEDLY, raised nearly $1500 last year in ONE DAY at a fund raising event. If we just ran two of these this year we would EASILY be pushing near $3000 just with those events. If we ran three of these events we’d be pushing $5000.

    If we sold all 36 holes in the caddy book ($100 per hole) we would have $3600.

    There are currently 52 members of the LDGC. If all 52 members could give just a $20 donation that would be $1040 added to the purse.

    We’ll be selling fundraiser discs for the CVO with some amazing artwork on them. If we can sell 100 of them it will be nearly $1000 profit for the tourney.

    Just in this short list is over $10,000 worth of options and none of them are that difficult or costly to our players. I encourage you all to find a way to be a part of the biggest event to come to Louisville to this date. We need everyone's help. I hope to see the biggest outpouring of support ever for this event this year. Get excited! This will only bring good things for disc golf in this city.
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