For those on the fence about the tournament, the course continues to be improved. The parks department has been working hard.

The first work we noticed was quite a bit of the brush on #4 being cleared out. Much of the growth to the right edge of the fairway (along the mando side,) up to the strange little arched tree has been removed--the arch is still there, but there's now an opening to the right of it. They also moved all the dead limbs that were piled up behind the grouping of trees that hides the basket (the dead trees that had been there since that was the fairway for old #15.)

They have cut out an opening through the pine trees on #7 that will lead back to the new pin placement in the clearing, and I understand that sleeve could be poured soon.

Other work has been done, but those are the two major pieces. I hope we have a full field on the 30th.