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    Default Minutes From 1/07/11 Meeting


    No roll call was taken at this meeting but we had a great turn out with 30 plus people show up. It was by far the biggest meeting that I have been a part of and we thank those who showed up.


    Adam Higdon was the only person nominated for President and was voted in by those in attendance and an online proxy.

    The new Bylaws were also voted on and passed in the same manor.


    Under the new Bylaws the officer structure was changed. The President and Treasurer are the only ones who have titles and specific jobs. Anyone can step up and become an officer now as long as they are a current member and volunteer their time for atleast one project. There is no limit to the amount of officers so if you have an idea and want to help out let us know.


    Martin researched a few things and has estimated that we need to bring in around $1700 for us to operate as planned. This would cover the website, PDGA fees, park rentals, local event support, and our PDGA membership giveaway. Keep in mind this is seperate from what we need to raise for our events.

    Events and Fundraising

    Our club runs three events a year and those are: FATPAD, GLO, and CVO

    Dave also mentioned that we are really close to getting approval for the 2012 US Masters and the PDGA is interested in hosting one of it's global events here.

    In order for these events to be successful we need to kick fundraising up a few levels. We will need atleast $4000 for the CVO alone if we want to see big names in attendance. If you have any ideas on how to bring in more sponsorship money share them now. Fundraising is major and should be done all year long in order for these events to happen and grow.

    Free PDGA Membership for 2011

    We closed the meeting by drawing a name for the free PDGA membership giveaway and the winner was Jeremy Watts.
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