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    Default 2011 bag tags

    Here we are again ready to start another bag tag season -

    so just a heads up

    TAGS for 2011 will be $10 - I have already ordered 120

    You can start listing your name here if you plan to get one - I will start taking your $10 anytime and you will be put on the paid list.

    The tags will be released at a tourney - date TBA - feb/early march

    If you have purchased a tag and cannot make the release date event -you will be guaranteed a numbered tag within the total tags released as of the event

    more info to come

    This year a few changes I am sure of - Tags will be free to play at all Leagues, Tags played at PDGA events will cost $1, There will be a number of tag related competitions throughout the year - as all battle to become #1.
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