These are the meeting notes for our club meeting on January 7th, 2011 that will take place at the BBC Tap Room in downtown Louisville. They are being posted in advance so everyone will have time to become familiar with them and the new direction the club is taking.

Restructure Officer Roles
There are lots of disc golfers that want to give back to the sport a little or help out in some way. And who wouldn't? This is one of the cheapest sports and form of entertainment, exercise and competition around and it couldn't exist without volunteers. We know everyone is busy with jobs, family, kids, and other hobbies so what if helping out didn't mean you had to take on a big task by yourself or carry the weight of the club on your shoulders? What if it meant you simply do one thing a year for disc golf? Like help with a fundraiser, organize a club picnic, or run a league or tournament? Everyone has a unique set of skills and strengths, use yours to help out. By doing your part and helping with just one thing, with all the active disc golfers there won't be an end to the things we can do.

I propose we change the officer structure. Anyone can volunteer to be an officer and there are two requirements to be an officer:

1. Be a current member of the club.
2. Do a minimum of one thing for the club each year. Here are some examples:
Be part of the fundraising team for the CVO.
Organize a club picnic.
Run a club tournament.
Help run a club league.
Organize a disc golf clinic.
Help organize a club event to raise money for a non-profit or local charity.
Or come up with your own idea. What are your personal strengths and how can you use them to help disc golf in the Louisville area? So what do you want to do? What's your idea to make disc golf better for everyone?

Some of these things might sound like big tasks at first, but what if you had 1, 2, 5 or more other people working together with you? Many of these projects will require more than one person to do so officers are encouraged to work together. That's the point of having officers now, if everyone does a little and works together, there will be endless disc golf activities AND you'll still have plenty of time out on the course and for your job/wife/kids/etc.

So think about it and please consider helping out your disc golf community. You don't have to come up with a project before you volunteer. It might take some time for the spark of inspiration to strike or you can always help with projects that need additional people. If every one of the officers does one thing or helps out in some way, 2011 could be the most successful year the club has ever had!

LDGC bylaws
As you have certainly figured out, this a big change from the current bylaws. I have amended them and request a vote (2/3 majority according to current bylaws) at our January 7th meeting.

Attached is a revised copy of the by laws that thoroughly outlines the club organization and how it will run. Please read through this to learn more about this big change.

Making the LDGC a non-profit organization
This will likely cost a good amount of money but has some big, long term benefits for the club. At the meeting we're going to discuss the pros and cons of becoming a non-profit. We're still looking into this so there will be more details to come.