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Thread: score to beat

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    By SDF (Louisville)


    For what it's worth I'm only an 842 and shot a 64 for my first round (SHOULD have been a 62; but we all know how that goes right?); but my OTHER son John was somewhere in the vacinity of 30 over; so that was probably the highest score to date! };')

    I nearly aced #1 with a Pro Katana and through a 7 on the 1100 footer. Why you ask? Because I was experimenting and threw the afore mentioned Katana as a second shot instead of my trusty Champion Beast and went right into the crappola on the left!!! (Lesso learned...)

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    I've played about 10 rounds out there and still can't get close to Martin's 53.

    57 is still my best, I've shot that twice and I've shot a 58 twice.
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