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    Default The New Seviren Lang DGC

    The new Seviren Lang Disc Golf Course is ready to play!

    This is the course located in Garry Cavan Park in Georgetown and has been renamed in memory of Seviren Lang.

    All 18 baskets are in the ground, there are concrete pads for the longs and rubber mats for the shorts. The course is roughly 6500ft long, has six par 4's, a monster par 5 that's over 1000ft long, making the course par 62. This course will challenge you!

    There are maps in the mail box attached to the bulletin board near hole 1 so you can easily find your way around the course. There are tee signs next to every hole. They are not yet updated but will be soon. The course plays in the opposite direction so the first hole is on your left now, rather than your right. Many of the red directional signs are also in place to help you find the next hole.

    There are a few more changes that will happen in the future and we'll post updates about them here. Hole 9 plays to the old hole 9's basket right now, but that will be moved slightly once we can get that lock open. Hole 7 is going to have a longer placement that will make it at least one stroke harder. We've got rid of the majority of the thorn bushes and vine patches you used to encounter on the old course. There are a few spot here and there where they need to be cleared, but it's nothing like it used to be.

    I want to thank Martin for all the hours he's put in at the course and being there for work days with the parks department when I couldn't get away from my job. I couldn't have done this without him. And a huge thanks to the NAFC parks department. Everyone from the superintendent of parks to the maintenance team were fantastic to work with and this wouldn't be possible without their help and support. I also want to thank Dave Greenwell and Steve Simpson for some very valuable advice about the design. Thanks to Judge, Shawn, Marcus, Terry, Ed, and Jeremy for all your help. And thanks to all the volunteers who came out for work days.

    Enjoy the new course!
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