I've asked the powers that be at this point, what is the likelihood of the course being reinstalled. They've answered that "while these items still must go before a committee it is very likely the course will be reinstalled."

The majority of people I've spoken with have pleaded for the original course to be reinstalled so that is what I've pushed for. I was able to walk through the course a few weeks ago and it is demolished. The ice storm was NOT nice to the course. The locals here are chomping at the bit to get back in there to work along with members of surrounding clubs. I'm confident that the course will be playable within weeks of getting the okay to start working.

I've already spoke with KFW about having sanctioned events at OC too. Within a month or so of the course opening I plan to have a tourney there to show them a disc golf presence at OC. They’re very excited about this as it will bring them more revenue.

Thanx for all the support you’ve given. Because of YOU it looks as if we will be able to enjoy our classic course once again.