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Thread: Lost at Fun Farm

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    Default Lost at Fun Farm

    On hole #4 on the right side of the schule a light blue Champ Roadrunner. Has my name and number on it (doesn't seem to make a difference...). Please call if found.

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    yeah i have a Allstars Weekend stamped Nuke at the bottom of 2 to the left in the junk.. I know if the grounds personal finds them they charge like 2 bucks to get them back. I have had a couple discs found but none at FF or IQ or Cavan so if i dont loose it at CV or BT i write them off.
    I was playing with some less then desirables at Buffalo Trace Monday and they found a disc that i recognized as a good buddy of mine and they acted like they was going to keep it until I simply stated they was not keeping it and stuck it in my bag I would have to whipped somebodys ass or took a ass whipping but I was getting that disc back regardless.. people never seem to amaze me anymore there is just some jerks out there plain and simple.

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