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Thread: Changes to the course

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    course is in come out and enjoy

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    This is good news indeed. Many thanks to the parks dept and all the guys who put in the work to get this done so fast! I saw alot of potential when I was able to make it out there and can't wait to see the final layout.
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    I'm going to try to play it sometime this week. Hopefully it won't rain too much.

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    Totally awesome!!!!!! This course went from Ohhh; virtually overnight.

    A huge thanks goes out to Adam Higdon for staying the course. Without his constant efforts with the Floyd Co. Parks Dept. this would have never happened.

    Martin Young for undying dedication, layout and labor.

    Jeremy Watts for advice and moral fortitude.

    Dave Greenwell and Steve Simpson for advice and final critique.

    The Floyd Co. Parks Dept. for supplies and manpower.

    All of the volunteers who dedicated hours for clean-up.

    THE COURSE IS PLAYABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    "Playable" is a relative term, and if you're using my maiden voyage around there as your measuring stick, maybe it's not playable!

    In all seriousness, it's going to be a blast to get to play this course on a regular basis, and it's going to challenge us all, I'd venture to say.

    Tons of people have given a lot of time in getting this thing going, but none more than Adam, Martin, and Judge. The parks guys have been great, too. Today, we told them we had two baskets that the tabs for the locks were broken off of and they'd taken them to the shop, fixed them, brought them back and set them in the ground within an hour or so!

    Little things still to be done here and there (signs for the teepads--which Adam is working on, changing the numbers on most of the baskets, cutting some briers, possibly a couple of even more challenging sleeves to be placed, but it's open for business, so come play it and beat down those newly cut paths.
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    This is big news so I'm moving the conversation to General Chat.
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