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Thread: Thanx [2010]

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    Default Thanx [2010]

    So many of my favorite things about disc golf came together this weekend to make an awesome event. It was great to see a community of disc golfers working together to make the biggest event in Louisville such a great success.

    Thanx to Nate, Steve, and Josh for running the AM side of the event. Thanx to my wife for giving up a holiday weekend to help with something that's so important to me. To Adam Higdon for the caddy books and moral support. To Martin for the most successful fund raising event I can remember. To Ross and Larry Cave for support at CV. To Jim and Brian Pierce for food and drink. To Greenwell, Rief, and Sammy for showing such hospitality to Climo and Feldberg. And a HUGE thanx to all of our sponsors!!! Any one I forgot to were important's late....I'm tired.

    You guys have helped to build an amazing event. Keep it alive in 2011 and all the years to come. I've decided that 2010 will be my last year of being the head TD at the CVO but plans are already in motion to keep the event growing in the future. Thanx for the great times and great memories. C-ya on the course.
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    I had a blast again this year, thanks for making it happen!
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    One of the best weekends in disc golf history in my opinion I have never had a better time. Jeremy you deserve so much praise but I know thats not what your in this for so I hope my Thanks is well accepted because you have done a ton and its greatly appreciated.

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