So I played a round at IQ this morning that was interrupted by pouring rain for about 5-10 minutes and shot a -4, one of my best. I met up with Martin mid-round and then played a full round with him afterward. I had been -7 through 12 the first round this morning and then completely blew up with 4 bogies and a birdie to finish out. Going into hole 12 the second round I was at -6, convincing myself I wouldn't melt down again if I went to -7 on that hole. I thought my drive looked pretty good, and I only missed the little tree on the left by about 4 inches. I figured I would be down by the basket on the left side, but then we heard a faint ringing sound. I couldn't believe I had really hit it! My first ace, and I had to walk halfway to the basket to even see it in there! It was awesome! Threw a 179g '06 (baby) Roc. Once I can Bluetooth the pics off my phone I'll post 'em.