You want to talk about the best month of disc golf in my life. First Martin Kyle Sparrow & Jay came out to play with the Murphy's and the Glassman and myself which was one of the best times in my life . Then I have Daniel and Jeremy "80" Watts come out yesterday and allthought I was in total shock and awe at the display of talent It was also one of the best times as well I have had. Terry and I went back and mulched all but #18 last night and Im stating this because its all about self glory and you know me I love me some self promoted Glory.

Eric G. I just dont believe you went 50 ft past the hole on long 19... ok dont read this sentence Eric. I do believe Eric did it but im trying to get him to come out and show me.. so Eric continue reading now. I will give you a dollar if you show me how you "supposedly" threw past 19. I threw past the basket once but I was 30 ft in front of it!

I still would go with what Daniel said he seemed to smoke the course with ease like nobody I have seen before not only that it was his first time at the park. Jeremy Thanks again and this goes for everyone who has came out to play with me. You guys know who you are... Adam, Steve S. Josh D. and the above mentioned. I still need Scott Reif to come out. Billy S. Eric and Keith G. and The Brandenberg crew just to name a few. It means a ton to me probably more then you guys will ever realize.
Back to the topic on hand now sorry for the mini thread Hijack