Okay, Iíve decided to stick with the Charlie Vettiner/Fun Farm for the tourney. Here was my train of thought:

The only pro I see about using Iroquois would be that the course is closer. The Fun Farm is much more challenging. Last year Feldberg said that the Fun Farm was almost too easy to be used for an A-tier so I can only imagine what he would say about using Iroquois. Itís MUCH easier than the Fun Farm.

In using only CV it would limit the size of our field and/or force us to use times. If we use tee times it will make the day much longer and results in a lot of players having to stand around waiting to tee off.

By using the Fun Farm the ONLY problem I see is the distance between the courses. This REALLY isnít a factory since there will not be driving between the rounds.

Hopefully, next year there will be a bigger, better option in Louisville but looking at the whole I still believe the Fun Farm to be the best option.