first of all, this course is looking great. I'm a huge fan of the redesign. In my opinion, there's only one thing that really bothers me. The looooonngg walk from 9 to 10 is the perfect space for an EXTRA HOLE. A tee near 9's basket and a basket before 10's tee (possibly in the space where the old course's #12 basket was located). It would be a challenging uphill 220 to 270 ft shot, depending on how close to 9's basket you put the teebox.

1.) It would add another dimension to the course. It would be the only steep uphill woods shot on the course.

2.) It would require no changes to the layout of 9 and 10

3.) A new hole erases the long walk between 9 and 10 while also improving the flow of the course

4.) It's already laid out well for a fairway. Minimal tree cutting would be necessary. Theres already a nice little channel cut through the trees to get to the clearing where old #12's basket stood. The downed tree trunk (as it did on the old design) makes a good obstacle before the basket.

5.) What's wrong with 19 holes? Buffalo trace sports 19, fun farm has 20/21. If we really like to keep it at 18 then merge #17 and #18 to make a 700ft monster finishing hole. This proposed hole would have more character than 17 and 18 anyway.

I can go all day. What do you think?